FUE technique with sapphire

Keys and benefits

Thanks to the technological innovations within the field of medicine, the techniques with which hair transplants are performed have also been able to advance, involving in the process new tools that allow a more precise result to be obtained, such as, in this case, the sapphire blades.

What is the FUE Sapphire technique?

The FUE Sapphire technique takes the basic procedure of the FUE technique, the most popular hair grafting technique in Turkey, which consists of introducing scalp implants with follicular units, extracting hair follicles from the donor areas, usually the back or side of the hair, and introducing them, once treated, in the recipient areas through micro incisions. In these micro-incisions lies the main difference between the FUE and FUE Sapphire technique, since, while the former uses steel blades, the latter uses sapphire blades.

The use of this precious stone allows a greater precision in the microchannel that has to be opened for the realization of the implant. The shape and the material of the sapphire blades perfect the incision, since the steel blades used in the FUE technique are U-shaped and the sapphire blades are V-shaped, which makes them sharper and more precise.

The benefits of the FUE Sapphire technique

This methodology brings together in one technique the benefits of the FUE technique and the implementation of sapphire leaves, so the benefits it can bring are many.

  • Faster recovery.

  • No scars.

  • No irritations.

  • Natural and permanent results.

  • Greater efficiency.

  • Painless.

All these advantages can be explained based on the use of sapphire leaves. By making a thinner and more precise incision, the opening is smaller and takes less time to recover, as the tissue has been much less damaged.

The anatomy presented by the sapphire leaves allows surgeons to inject less tumescent fluid, a fluid that serves to separate the skin from the bone and greatly facilitates the work of capillary insertion, which speeds up recovery and improves the post-operative period.

In addition to the shape of the sapphire leaves, another major advantage is found in the properties of sapphire, which reduce possible irritations as they are antibacterial and prevent allergic reactions as they are not made of steel.

Procedure of the FUE Sapphire technique

After delimiting the frontal profile, the first step of the FUE Sapphire technique is to shave the donor area, from where the follicles will be extracted, and once the patient has been anesthetized, proceed with the extraction. This first step is common to the FUE technique, as it consists of drawing the front line according to the patient’s wishes and extracting the follicular units to be treated in detail under the microscope and proceed to implementation.

The extraction of follicles in this technique is especially delicate because the punch of the micro perforator has to be oriented in the direction in which the hair grows naturally. This is something that will also be taken into account during the transplant, since the naturalness of the final result depends largely on the direction of the follicles.

Finally, after chemically treating the follicles and letting them rest, the hair implant is performed. The sapphire leaves are introduced to create the microchannels in which the extracted follicles will be introduced. As they are smaller and more precise, they allow a denser and more natural result to be obtained. As there is less damage to the tissue during the operation, the recovery of the FUE Sapphire technique is faster than that of other techniques, so the affected area will be completely recovered in just a few days.

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