FUEMEDICALCENTER is one of the most relevant clinics within the hair surgery sector in Turkey. At the head of this project is Dr. Emrah Cinik, an eminent figure in cosmetic surgery and particularly in hair transplantation, and the medical team under his charge is made up of 65 experts in hair medicine.

Dr. Cinik has more than 15 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery, acquired in some of the most renowned hospitals in Turkey, which is why his clinic has become a reference point in hair surgery. Thanks to the remarkable professionalism of its team and the vast knowledge it has within this field, FUEMEDICALCENTER offers all the hair implant techniques that exist today, including the FUE Sapphire technique or the DHI, which are the most innovative.

The objective of Dr. Emrah Cinik’s hair clinic has always been to achieve the satisfaction of his clients, which is why he has a very interesting variety of services that are not limited to the implantation of hair on the scalp but also in beard, moustache, sideburns, eyebrows or body. In this same line, the clinic offers different treatments depending on the patient’s hair structure or level of hair loss, so it also includes advice.

Facilities and surgical equipment

FUEMEDICALCENTER’s facilities are characterized by a modern and elegant structure that is also open and comforting. The spaces are spacious and well lit, as there is natural light in all the rooms, including the operating rooms.

The surgical material available at Dr. Emrah Cinik’s clinic is perfectly equipped to perform different hair implant techniques, since not all methods are performed with the same instruments. The clinic’s surgical instruments are designed to perform techniques such as DHI, which requires specific needles called “choi”, or the FUE Sapphire technique, which uses blades made of this precious stone. FUEMEDICALCENTER’s medical equipment is one of the most complete and innovative in the country.

Also, the location of the clinic is ideal for putting on hair in Turkey. It is located in the centre of the European city of Istanbul, making it accessible to clients from all over the world. The drive from the airport takes only a few minutes, and the accommodation hotels are only a few minutes walk away. Moreover, being centrally located, it is close to emblematic places of the city.

Your gratification is our top priority and our service is based on it.

We manage patients from all over the world and with Spanish, English, German, French and Italian speaking staff always ensuring the highest satisfaction ratios among our patients.


Patient care

One of the distinguishing features of FUEMEDICALCENTER is the quality of its patient care. The clinic has Spanish, English, French, German and Italian speaking staff, which is why it has become an internationally renowned clinic. In addition, all the services offered include prior medical attention, advice and a 24-hour emergency line, as well as medical reports and post-operative examination by telephone.

The professionals at FUEMEDICALCENTER are experts in hair treatment and understand the importance of proper patient care, which is why their professionalism is not only reflected in the quality of their interventions but also in their closeness to the client. The solutions they offer are permanent and painless, and the level of satisfaction is always optimal.

Quality standards

FUEMEDICALCENTER has received various awards from different institutions, including some of the most important in terms of quality.

Among the certificates that Dr. Cinik’s clinic has is that of ISO 9000, the organization in charge of measuring international quality standards, so FUEMEDICALCENTER’s quality is internationally certified. We also have the Joint Commission National Quality Approval, the most rigorous accreditation of quality of care.

FUEMEDICALCENTER is also an active member of ISQua (International Society for Quality in Health Care), a society that corroborates the quality and safety of patient care.

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