FUE hair transplant

FUE hair transplant

Hair transplantation with the FUE technique is the most requested hair transplant in our clinics. Follicular Extraction Unit (FUE) is the most advanced hair transplant to treat baldness and alopecia in both men and women.

What is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction, sometimes referred to as follicular unit transplantation, is the modern technique of hair restoration. FUE is a more advanced method of hair transplants than previous techniques like strip harvesting transplantation or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

How it works

During an FUE transplant, a highly experienced doctor extracts hair follicles from the donor area, typically the back of the neck, using a specialised extraction instrument less than 1mm in diameter. Follicles are then transferred to the recipient area on your scalp and implanted using a powerful stereo microscope in groups of one to four hairs, just as they grow in nature.

This is a Minimally invasive, surgical procedure so you will remain fully conscious the whole time as only local anesthetic is required. Recovery time is short and the risk of complications is low.

After the procedure we will provide you with clear instructions on aftercare, as well as medication and topical treatments to give you the best result possible.

The benefits of the FUE technique

  • No scar.
  • Without surgery.
  • Local anesthesia.
  • Very short recovery time.
  • Natural and durable result.
  • No loss of sensitivity in donor sites.
  • Ability to transplant with this same methods including beard, mustache and eyebrows.

How is it different?

FUE differs from normal hair transplants in several ways. The first is that it is noticeable for not leaving any distinctive scars, or any noticeable changes (other than a renewed lease of life for your hair).

Strip transplants, a method by which a piece of scalp covered in hair is removed in order to get hair follicles needed for transplantation, usually from the back of the head, leaves very distinctive lateral scars across the back of the head.

Strip transplant surgery also has a long recovery time, especially compared to FUE. FUE leaves some initial bleeding, but usually recovery is complete within 7 days. However, with strip harvesting, as a part of the scalp is removed, it can take weeks for the scars to heal over.

The results possible are of the highest quality and naturalness and undetectable which is the most significant advantage

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Some of the most common questions and answers about baldness and its solutions

Who is eligible for a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant can be recommended for anyone experiencing partial baldness due to male-pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia), a receding hairline, traction alopecia, or head trauma. A hair transplant can offer eligible candidates a permanent, natural-looking solution.

The procedure is not recommended for anyone experiencing female-pattern baldness, diffuse hair loss (chronic telogen effluvium), spot baldness (alopecia areata), or for those with insufficient hair at the donor site. The surgery is also not recommended for anyone under the age of 25, since it is difficult to assess the long-term stability of donor hair and the extent of future hair loss.

Your donor hair is a precious resource

The critical thing to keep in mind is that hair transplants can only relocate hair from one part of your body to another: they can’t create donor hair. Your hair is a finite resource, and our doctors take absolute care to safeguard every hair during the procedure. No hairs are lost, dropped or damaged.

Donor hair is taken from places that are unaffected by hair loss. In men, this is typically the sides and back of the head. The individual follicles are then transplanted to the area of the scalp that requires attention.

The results of an FUE hair transplant

What makes FUE so remarkable is the way hairs are implanted: experienced specialists carefully map your hair growth before implantation so they know where and on what angle to place each follicle. It’s an exacting process that takes a lot of experience and expertise, but we believe the result is worth it:

with a successful FUE transplant, donor hair grows, moves and feels the way it used to. This is the highest-quality hair transplant available.

As this is your natural hair, just moved from place to place, it will grow exactly as normal hair and is permanent. There is no need for pills and potions, just enjoy your natural hair.

¿Why should I get this procedure done in Turkey?

This is a common question and one that we have different responses to in order to explain why you should have your hair transplant procedure performed in Turkey.

To begin, because of the subsidies that the Turkish government provides for this type of transplant, I can assure you that Turkey is at the forefront of the international hair transplant field, evidenced by the nearly 400,000 people who had their hair transplant procedure performed in our country last year.

As a world leader in the sector, and given the ample experience of our surgeons, who have performed a large number of surgeries, and the state-of-the-art technology and techniques used, we can say with total confidence that Turkey is undoubtedly the safest country in which you can perform a hair transplant.

Did you know that many doctors from around the world pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn and train in the FUE technique in Turkey? Turkey is not only the global leader in hair transplants but also trains 80% of all doctors worldwide now practicing this technique.

Planning your trip to Istanbul for your hair transplant can have many benefits: Istanbul is a city with a cultural and culinary wealth that very few cities in the world have. As exotic as they come, Istanbul has unforgettable charms, borders Europe and Asia and is home to a host of unbeatable attractions.

Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world, and the fact that it served as the capital of three empires –the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman– is something that no traveller can ignore. Be charmed by the history of ancient Constantinople and its natural landscapes: the Golden Horn and the Bosporus.

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